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KPW0153 Strength test smackdown Killpussy vs Justice

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

A confident Justice has been talking smack about Killpussy , and the Thunder from Down Under is none too pleased about.

She’s summoned Justice to the wrestling ring so they can sort out their differences.

Killpussy is going to treat the upstart Justice to a wrestling lesson. They lock-up in a test of strength with Killpussy forcing Justice to her knees before flipping her over in a deep boston crab.

Things go downhill for Justice from there as Killpussy lifts, bearhugs, boston crabs and camel clutches her opponent into oblivion.

Justice’s back is completely destroyed from the continued punishment, and she will not be talking smack about Killpussy again in a hurry as she lies defeated on the mats with the Blonde Amazon flexing above her.

Killpussy wears a black lycra swimsuit

Justice wears a pink lycra swimsuit


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