Claw Aug 2018

Damon May 2018


Feb 2020

Today, February 3rd, I FINALLY had the pleasure of meeting and being outright DE-FEETED and Dominated by the beautiful, highly skilled and did I mention BEAUTIFUL, Sensei KILLPUSSY. As I arrived, she answered the door in full GI and in character. As a sessions' vet, usually, I exchange pleasantries, discuss session history and any limits and begin. I found her approach refreshing and arousing. Even as I was changing into my costume, she spoke to me in character. She played a visiting BJJ Instructor, who has devised her own system of JiuJitsu called "FOOT-JITSU " In which you use the feet to garner submissions and dominate your opponent. I also requested she be skilled in Shotokan Karate. She played her role perfectly.
As the match began, we bowed, got on our knees and she went to work. She is deceptively strong. She managed to put me iin a head lock while trapping my left arm between her powerful thighs, all the while trash talking and laughing at me. Fellas, I cant stress enough how beautiful she is. Her blonde hair, the seductive smile, she was glowing in the sun as she cross pinned, triangle lock and arm barred me at her leisure. Her accent added to the moment. She would giggle and berate me as she choked and submitted me time and time again. Her legs are so F****** strong. Whether it was a reverse head scissor or body, with just a simple flex of her muscles I began tapping and I've been squeezed by some of the best. She now holds that title. Her feet were super tasty, well groomed and she knew how to use them. She constricted my throat with ease. She sat in the chair and allowed me the pleasure of worshipping her feet, then got right back to the combat. Her school boy pin is unbreakable, her grapevine caused me to scream out in pain. As I mentioned previously, she gets totally immersed in her character. If I was truly a high level skilled BJJ practitioner, I'd have to step it up before tangling with her. She knows what to say and will fulfill your request as she demoralizes you. She threw in Karate chops with the perfect amount of force and precision. She offered water breaks and...I got her to submit to MY body scissor. She tapped, smacked me on my butt saying good job. She eas a good sport about it. Towards the end of the session, we discussed politics, our origins into the session world and she let me take pics and make a video which I posted to Twitter (DKNIGHT131). Overall, this session was everything I wanted it to be and then some!!! Please believe, I will be seeing her again and EVERYTIME she comes across the pond.

C.M July 2018

Mr T

Jan 2020

just watched your video. It's just perfect! Exactly what I was thinking of. And extra time. And super quick delivery. And kind service. Thank you so much for all this. And thanks to the guy, he did very well too.
I guess I'll have to place another order on occasion...
Thanks again

Paul T 

Feb 2019

I meet killpussy recently 2 times in october 2018 and january 2019.
she is very strong.
I am a big man and usually win the armwrestling very easy(many sessiongirls lost with me when they use 2 hands vs my hand...), but with her I win not easy.
I meet over 70 girls in the last ten years and only anna m.strong,renata hronova and the legendary th-resa bostick are sure stronger than her in armwrestling.
for me she is at the same level of eva damoh,madam mysteria,dominique danger,musclefoxjenny,amazon ranger,meg r.strong ,buny glamazon and gabriel nicander (if the last two have the same power of 8-10 years ago)
I ask her how many man lose with her in armwrestling and she say 99% !
I win the wrestling too,because she is a good wrestler but not fantastic as sheena,antcha,viktoria,ina black. usually her 200+ lbs and good skills can crush a man. but I am heavier than her, and my poor skill in wrestling with my weight and power are sufficient to beat her with difficulty.
she is very good person and sunny person. tall,big,strong and blonde...a dream!
in the second session I win the armwrestling again but lose in wrestling.
the day before I have 5 hours of sessions with 4 different girls and the result is...pain at my left arm!
I win the first 2 round of wrestling but after she overpowered me (is impossible wrestling with pain and only one arm...). after half hour she say "stop! I don't want get hurt you... If you want I can show as strong I am,I can lift you...but you have lot of pain and is impossible wrestling for you"
after she gave me a pills antidolorific and use antidolorific spray on my arm...
she is very good person,intelligent and available. a good heart in statuary body!
if you want a gentle big strong woman, good in wrestling, great in armwrestling and with super strong hands call her!
I'll meet her in the future


Dec 2019

Everything that was promised and more. Killpussy is beautiful, strong, and seemingly enjoying it as much as I did. I have no hesitation of recommending Killpussy


Nov 2019

As requested Killpussy wore her skin tight shiny black catsuit and
knee high boots for me. I asked her to go full throttle also do some full force if that was possible… was possible beyond my belief. Killpussy really does go the extra mile so her sessions deliver everything you want and more.


Nov 2019

By a distance the best session I have ever had. Great strength and skill at wrestling and even greater attitude of a true superior. Pity my trips to London are much to short and tight schedules to have


Dec 2017

I had a 30-minute 'competitive' session with Thunder following the Show at The Wrestling Factory in Manchester on December 2nd.

She was simply awesome! She has a wonderful physique - not a bodybuilder's, but obviously very muscular and strong. I was amazed at how easily she overpowered me - and how she was able to ignore my body scissors which appeared to have no effect on her whatsoever...

A friend of mine texted me afterwards to ask if I had won against her - this was my reply:

"Ha!... she was just too damned strong for me. At 85kg of solid muscle against my 75kg, I didn't really have a chance against her... so after I had to admit defeat, I was pretty well at her mercy, I'm afraid".

But although the wrestling turned out to be completely one-sided in her favour, it was also great fun. And she was very intuitive about picking up on how best to exploit her victory over me.

Thoroughly recommended for anyone who wants a competitive session with a lady who is more than capable of showing guys who is boss!