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KPW172 Inferno Gets Killpussy Facesit smack down

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The fiery redhead Inferno has stepped into Killpussy’s lair, to challenge the Thunder from Down Under. The blonde amazon asks the smaller Inferno whether she thinks she has a chance, and Inferno believes her chances are fair. We’ve got bad news for you Inferno you are about to get the full Killpussy smackdown.

The smaller girl is easily wrestled down to the mats, and instantly recognises her mistake in challenging the mighty Killpussy once those strong powerful thighs trap her in a powerful scissorhold forcing her to tap.

Killpussy doesn’t get it all her own way as Inferno is a wiley and experienced competitor and does manage to get a couple of sneaky submissions. But the shiny spandex clad Amazon is too much for her as she forces her to scream her submissions with grapevines, scissorholds, breast smothers and amazing facesitting.


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