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KPW173 ProStyle crotch lift mash up

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Chain Male returns to take on Killpussy. Killpussy is ready to destroy him, and picks him up over her shoulder, spinning him around before dropping him to the mat. She picks him up in a powerful bearhug and slams him against the wall slamming her pelvis into his groin humiliating her victim.

A reverse bearhug is followed up with a bodyslam and splash, before her smaller foe is wickedly grapevined. This is followed up with another splash and a matchbook pin.

More splashes and another reverse bearhug slamming him once again against the wall. She throws him around like a rag doll before finishing him off once and for all with a series of splashes.

This clip contains pre and post fight interviews.

Killpussy wears a silver spandex swimsuit with flesh-toned shiny tights and white pro-style boots.

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