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KPW0152 Scissor Assassination

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Foolishly ChainMale has agreed to face Killpussy in a wrestling ring. The blonde Amazon immediately grabs him and throws him to the canvas.

She traps his head inbetween her powerful thighs in a standing headscissors and crushes his pathetic skull. She uses the ring ropes for extra leverage to increase the torque and pressure as she tries to snap his neck.

She introduces him to the ring Killpussy style in bodyscissors, school girl pins and sits on the top turnbuckle and wraps her legs around his neck leaning back.

He is just her scissor plaything as she pulls his face into her crotch cutting off his air.

This is only going one way as she poses above him.

Killpussy wears a purple and black shiny swimsuit, with wristwraps, pantyhose and black pro boots.


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