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KPW0145 Carried over the threshold by Killpussy

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Blond Amazon Killpussy (5ft 11/180cm, 176lbs/80kg) is getting married tomorrow and she has a fantastic plan. She is going to sweep her new husband off his feet and carry HIM over the threshold in front of all of their friends. How fun for her to show how strong she is.

Watch Killpussy effortlessly sweep him off his feet time after time as she practises for their big day. She begins with the cradle hold, swinging him around and even squatting whilst carrying him. Then she actually carries him over the threshold, it’s got to be perfect for their big day!

Now she just shows off, easily lifting him with a firemans carry and shoulder ride. She has these planned for their honeymoon.

What a lucky guy!!

Killpussy wears blue shiny hotpants, pink shiny bikini top with shiny natural pantyhose/tights

Groom wears black spandex leggings with black shiny top


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