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KPW175 PoV Killpussy boxing beatdown

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

You’ve been extremely foolish, and have made some comments about Killpussy not being able to fight like a guy, unfortunately for you Killpussy has found about this, and is going to demonstrate just how well she can fight.

It’s a bare-knuckle beatdown, and you are the victim.

The tall New Zealand Amazon rains blow after blow on you with her red taped , taking delight in teaching you just how well she can fight. Repeatedly knocked down, you gamely get back to your feet, until the inevitable ten-count which signals your defeat.

Perhaps next time you will think twice before making comments about the powerful Killpussy and her fighting skills and strength.

Killpussy wears a shiny black leotard with red taped knuckles.


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