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KPW265 Laken gets a pro style almighty smothering

No other female wrestler on the scene can take a punishment like the beautiful and shapely Laken, and this is partly what makes her such a fan favourite. In this smother oriented female wrestling clip, she is subjected to a whole new level of punishment at the hands, ass, armpits, breasts and belly of the almighty Killpussy, as Killpussy toys with one of her favourite plaything. She lifts and slams poor Laken down onto the mats and smothers her in one humiliatingly cruel position after another. She takes a comfortable seat on Laken’s face as Laken struggles beneath her, before introducing Laken to a whole new world of smothering as she proceeds to control Laken’s airflow with her armpits firmly over her face. Killpussy being Killpussy doesn’t just stop there, and she proceeds to smother poor Laken with her belly, breasts and legs as well in an unrelenting demonstration of all things smother!


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