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KPW251 NGFE Not GF Experience from KP

When you have a smoking hot firecraker of a girlfriend like Killpussy the last thing you’d want to do is ignore her while you watch tv, and yet that’s exactly what her boyfriend wants to do today. He’s going to learn the hard way that if he doesn’t keep his feisty girlfrielnd entertained, she’s going to entertain herself in this action packed Facesitting/Headscissor Femdom Clip. Killpussy effortlessly directs her boyfriends attention away from the TV and into her ample booty as she sits herself down firmly on his face. Her boyfriend moans first in please, then in panic as he soon find himself struggling to breathe as the sensually sadistic Killpussy refuses to budge. She allows him up for air briefly before contorting him into one humiliating position after another beneath her, facesitting him from various angles and positions, as well as headscissoring him until he looks like his head is about to pop! Men beware.. If you won't keep Killpussy entertained, she will use you for her own entertainment!


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