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KPW250 Luna Get A Hand Over Mouth Punishment Part 1

Killpussy is in a playfully evil mood today, and has asked the Amazonian Luna to join her for a wrestling session. Little does Luna know that Killpussy has other, more sadistic plans for her in mind. After luring the pantyhose clad Luna onto the mats, Goddess Thunder quickly engages her in a body scissors and begins to smother her unaware victim from behind. Luna struggles in vain as Killpussy gets her evil thrills off of her suffering, pulling her increasingly weakened victim back into her strong vice as she feebly tries to crawl away. Killpussy locks her in hold after punishing hold, even choking her with her own arms and smothering the unlucky Luna within an inch of her life. Killpussy smothers Luna to rest, toying with her while rubbing their pantyhose clad legs together sensually before bringing her back and smothering her all over again in the second part of this sadistically action packed Hand over Mouth Smothering clip.


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