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KPW248 Foot Pad Worship

C4S Long Killpussy has been training her skinny little sub girl Ms F Rank, who is in for a very special lesson today as she is trained in the art of dressing and worshipping her Mistresses feet in her footpads in this Lesbian Foot Worship/Slave Training clip. Killpussyr summons her meek submissive onto the mats, orders her to kneel before her and dress her feet in her combat foot pads.. Ms F Rank is one of Killpussy’s most popular victims with the fans, and it is immediately obvious why as she submits completely to the superior fighter, placing a kiss on each of her foot pads while looking up at Killpussy with a very deep and genuine reverence. Killpussy proceeds to teach her bitch the proper manner in which to put her foot pads on, worshipping every inch of them and her exposed bare feet as she does so. The heat in this room is very real as the dominated F Rank dedicatedly worships Killpussy’s feet and footpads to the Amazonian’s satisfaction. The action doesn’t end just here as we find the skinny little girl being brought to her feet and stripped as Killpussy has more training in store for her, as her workout dummy, in the next forthcoming episode.


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