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KPW243 Luna Gets Scissor Domination

C4S Long

For fans of Amazons, strong women and scissorholds this clip is a must have as the two Ttitans, Killpussy and Luna go face to Amazonian face in this action charged FemaleProWrestling clip. The two women playfully face off, both in leotards and panythose, before the action soon takes a serious turn as they take each other on in an almost evenly matched test of strength. Not all Amazon warriors are born equal however, as the strong Killpussy soon overpowers Luna and has her down on the mats, locked in a punishing leg scissorhold. Luna fights back, returning the favour, but soon finds her strength sapped by the powerful Killpussy, as she uses unlucky Luna as a dummy to show off her encyclopedia of scissorholds. Luna eventually summons enough strength to fight back, but will it be too little, too late for this Amazon?


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