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KPW237 London gets to kiss KILLPUSSYS ass


C4S Long Killpussy in leopard print bikini top with matching leopard print boy shorts, looks imposing over the relatively tiny London, who is wearing a silver halter top and tiny silver matching bikini bottoms. As Killpussy and London maneuver around, trying to place themselves in the first move, too slow London. Killpussy lifts London in a bearhug off the ground. London tries to squeeze Killpussy by wrapping her svelte powerful legs around Killpussys waist. Need to be able to crush harder than that London as Killpussy easily pushes London to the mats and into a semi-schoolgirl pin. Killpussy is now ensuring London knows who is in charge, Killpussy! Legs now pin London fully to the mat as the only view is of London's face between Killpussys inner thighs. Killpussy wants that ass kissed so moves forward to cover London’s face, despite muffled protests. Killpussy ignores the silenced moaning and thrashing of London and begins to enjoy facesitting. Killpussy has a quick spin around on London’s face, so London can really get into the ass. Striking a victory pose Killpussy releases London and allows the now red faced London a chance to try facesitting Killpussy. Again, too slow as London is soon back underneath Killpussys sexy buttocks. It is amazing how London is still able to breath, as Killpussy continues to press that posterior into London’s face. Try as London might, the might of Killpussy makes London today's cushion everytime. Killpussy would have you in the same position as London, underneath those leopard print covered bum cheeks.


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