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KPW228 Laken they call me killpussy

C4S Long Killpussy in black thong leotard and shiny pantyhose, is in the corner of the ring. Meanwhile, Laken in the opposite corner, with a shiny gold thong leotard, is eager to start the match. Both stride to the centre of the ring, facing each other. Killpussy just raises Laken in a fireman's lift in moments. Spinning to disorient Laken, then placing Laken upside down on a post, Killpussy demonstrates why it is Killpussy! Taken off the post, Laken is still at Killpussys mercy, and Killpussy doesn’t have any. Pussy stomps on Laken by Killpussy. The fireman’s lift and back upside down on the post again. Killpussy savages Lakens crotch. Then with Laken on the floor of the ring, Killpussys black patent leather wrestling boot stomps that pussy again and again. There is no relief for Laken as the pain is added to with every pussy punch, kick and bite from Killpussy.


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