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KPW227 Ms F Rank They call me Killpussy

C4S Long In gold thong, barely there leotard and pantyhose, Killpussy stands in the corner of the ring. In the opposite corner is Ms F Rank in an electric blue mini wrestling costume and pantyhose. Killpussy moves towards Ms F Rank verbally abusing her as Killpussy strides across the ring. With a quick move Killpussy has Ms F Rank in a bear hug, already squeezing the life out of her in the opening seconds. Killpussy releases the hug and drops Ms F Rank to the floor, but barely a moment passes before Killpussy is facesitting Ms F Rank. Legs also under Killpussy, Ms F Rank smothering on the scent between Killpussys thighs. Respite, there is none for Ms F Rank as Killpussy moves into a complex Boston Crab and shows the power of Killpussy, as despite the struggles and squeals of Ms F Rank, Killpussy has not moved off her face. Allowing the tap out Killpussy has Ms F Rank try to beat those fifteen inch biceps. Not a chance as Ms F Rank is again stuck in a leg lock. Then dragging Ms F Rank of the ring by her ponytails, Killpussy forces her back down again for even more facesitting, but Ms F Rank bites back, literally. This enrages Killpussy, who then goes to place Ms F Rank in the most complex leg lock possible, whilst pressing her crotch into Ms F Ranks nose and mouth. This is revenge facesitting. Detailed in close up, before the final submission and Killpussy stands over Ms F Rank in the victory pose.


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