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KPW224 Killpussy loves Facesitting Inferno

C4S Long Killpussy in black thong leotard and shiny pantyhose, compares herself to Inferno’s bottom. In red thong leotard and shiny pantyhose, Inferno has a pert little bottom. Not really Killpussy facesitting bottom standard, as Inferno soon finds out. As Killpussy swiftly grapples Inferno on to her back and a schoolgirl pin means Killpussy has an Inferno face cushion. Oh and longer counts too, just to make it interesting, as Killpussy squashes each buttock into Inferno’s reddening face. Combined speed and strength mean from Killpussy means Inferno is quickly in choke holds and leg spreaders, until the inevitable happens and Killpussy squats on Inferno’s face. There is no holding back either, full body weight onto Inferno. The writhing of arms and legs from Killpussys red haired opponent is just more reason to move into, reverse Boston Crab. Inferno’s bottom skyward and Killpussys bottom securely on her face there is no way out for Inferno. Oh dear, another long count from Killpussy. Inferno now is quite dizzy from breathing through the thong and pantyhose of Killpussys bottom. Pity really as it is going to happen again and again. Pinned and twisted Inferno has not stood a chance with Killpussy just revelling in the pleasure of facesitting such a comfortable face, placed in uncomfortable positions.


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