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KPW213 Pro-Match with Justice Part 2


C4S Long Killpusy in dark blue wrestling leotard and pantyhose with Justice in a pink with black trim wrestling leotard continue their wrestling match. Killpussy is still too quick and too powerful for Justice. Killpussy soon has Justice again in her favourite Boston Crab. Then Killpussy changes to a full Nelson until given the strength of Killpussy, Justice has no choice but to tap out. No quarter is given by either wrestler, Justice for once able to make Killpussy suffer as a head grab pulls Killpussy into a scissors. Coming back Killpussy has her pantyhose shiny twenty seven inch thighs soon wrapped around Justice. Putting Justices face right on Killpussys feet in a full Nelson.The too and fro of the match favours Killpussy. Justice though is feisty and despite the painful holds will not give in. A brilliant match for all those female wrestling lovers out there.


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