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KPW208 Wonder Wuss vs Super Bitch

C4S Long Killpussy is Super Bitch, in that SuperWoman leotard and pantyhose taking on Super Wuss in her WonderWoman leotard and shiny pantyhose. Super Bitch is immediately pounces on Wonder Wuss and has her in a scissors between Super Thighs. Struggling Wonder Wuss then held in a figure four scissors and even with all her super powers has to tap out. Super Bitch is giving Wonder Wuss some crushing scissors moves thighs squeezing Wonder Wuss torso then Super Bitch gets mean and ends up with Wonder Wusses head in her crotch, not only smothered but pressed across the head with the Super Thighs. Will Wonder Wuss make a surprise move? Or will Wonder Wuss be squashed even further by Super Bitch Super Thighs. All 27 inches of Super Thighs. No, Super Bitch has Wonder Wuss under her Super Bottom. The torment of Wonder Wuss continues as Super Bitch produces a Super Wedgie. The Super Bitch is beating Wonder Wuss in all departments of Supering. Is there no hope for Wonder Wuss.


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