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KPW275 London Double Feature KPW226 and KPW229

We proudly present a very special month of specially priced Killpussy double features, featuring some of Killpussy’s favourite victims!!

This double feature includes the following clips KPW226 Killpussy Gives London a Lift and Carry Bash

In black bikini top and shiny black leggings, Killpussy towers over the diminutive London. London in red top and blue flowery shorts has called Killpussy out, is that a mistake? Well here is where we find out. It isn’t starting well for London as Killpussy easily has London picked up and over her shoulder in one swift move. Just to ensure London knows who is in charge, Killpussy spins London in a few turns of the helicopter. Remonstrating that she needs to be put down, London is put down, forcibly by Killpussy, as a gentle splash! Killpussy then uses her favourite moves on any opponent, a double choke hold whilst the body is squeezed in powerful scissors. Tapping out is London's only way to break the holds, but not the bout. Ever plucky London tries again but Killpussy just lifts her bodily off the ground like a rag doll. Then Killpussy kneels so the second back breaker can be administered on London. But that is not all, a groin grab between Killpussys strong fingers has London rolling in pain. Hence the name, Killpussy. London is at such a major disadvantage in not just strength but also size. As again Killpussy lifts London off her feet and back into the air. The strength and height advantages of being Killpussy. London is being thrown about by Killpussy everytime. London’s bottom is over Killpussys shoulder and of course is spanked. The reddened buttocks still held by Killpussy then throwing London to the floor as it’s time for some facesitting. With Killpussy smothering her London taps out again only to be lifted high above the mats, on Killpussys shoulder again. Another back breaker drop and an even more vicious groin grab, London is bear hugged, scissored and facesat by Killpussy. London appears to be Killpussys little girly dolly to be used anyway Killpussy wishes. London must be regretting calling out Killpussy now. KPW229 London Finds Out Why They Call Me Killpussy

Killpussy in skeleton leotard and pantyhose is going to give the blue leotard and pantyhose wearing London a lesson in wrestling, a Killpussy lesson. Firstly Killpussy has London over her shoulders in a fireman’s lift, spinning around to disorient London. That works on London. Throwing London like a leotard wearing, rag doll, Killpussy squeezes London in a powerful bear hug. Struggling, London is unable to break free from those immense biceps of Killpussy. Grabbing London and turning her upside down, Killpussy drapes London over the corner post and savages the blue crotch of London’s leotard. As London collapses on the floor of the ring, Killpussy is unable to pass the chance of a drop splash. London has no answer to this Killpussy onslaught. The number of unorthodox moves and pins Killpussy has on London, sent London reeling. This is a must for lovers of female wrestling, however, one sided it appears.


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