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KPW266 ZOE gets a face sitting

Poor innocent Zoe Page’s beautiful face is about to get a thoroughly brutal bashing at the hands (and ass) of the powerful and sadistic Killpussy today as Killpussy easily overpowers her little opponent and dominates her for the length of the match. We barely get to see Zoe Page’s ass as it disappears deep inside Killpussy’s buttcrack in this Face Sitting heavy clip, with the versatile Killpussy mixing up the action by punishing her little plaything by also throwing her into scissorholds, hand over mouth smothers, headlocks, as well as by spanking her and giving her a wedgie. Zoe Page is thoroughly humiliated by her strong opponent as her face becomes reigning wrestling queen Killpussy’s throne, where she sits back full weight gyrating her hips in victory as her victim struggles to breathe beneath her.


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