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KPW262 One Mean Cunt

They don’t call her Killpussy for nothing, and Laken Fire is about to learn this lesson the hard way today, as Killpussy systematically and viciously destroys and humiliates poor Laken in every way possible. We begin our brutally tragic tale in the toilet, where we find Laken kneeling in front of Killpussy who is seated on the toilet, with a tight lead around Laken’s neck as the poor girl cowers in fear. Laken’s fear of her mistress soon proves justified, as she is mercilessly beaten and humiliated in the toilet, gagged with objects and smashed against the mirror. The crusade of cruelty continues outside, where Killpussy harshly shakes her by her hair and grabs her vagina with a pair of tongs! Back inside, Killpussy decides to make Laken her dog and puts a leash around her neck, forcing her to eat dog food. The punishment continues in an unforgettable display of creative cruelty, with Killpussy burning Laken with a cigarette, spanking and giving her a wedgie, and holding her in punishing submission holds as Laken begs for mercy that will not arrive. Lesbian Domination clips do not get any harder than this.

Please note no performers were injured in this clip and all participation was fully consensual and under supervision of trained professionals.


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