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KPW259 You know they call me killpussy right Laken

The voluptuous ebony wrestler with a spirit that won’t quit, Laken Fire, returns for more punishment at the viciously strong hands of the indomitable warrior Amazon Killpussy in this punishing Female Wrestling clip. Laken Fire has a reputation for being everyone’s favourite victim, and you can certainly see why as her pussy takes a vicious pounding form the appropriately named Killpussy, yet Laken refuses to throw in the towel. Killpussy contorts, slams and throws Laken around the ring effortlessly, clearly having a blast as her poor victim wails and groans helplessly. For connoisseurs of female wrestling, it is truly a site to behold as Killpussy lives up to her reputation by biting Laken right in the pussy while holding her upside down, the high octane action making this a clip you will not want to miss!


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