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KPW254 Old School Lift & Carry with Laken Fire

For fans of strong women, they don’t come any stronger than the mighty Killpussy - and today she uses her significant strength to lift the curvaceous fan favourite Laken Fire up in the air without even breaking a sweat in this action packed Lift & Carry clip. Killpussy quite literally sweeps Laken off her feet, hoisting her up in the air in her strong arms, as she shoulder carries, piggybacks, cradle carries and fireman carries her. Laken alternates between giggling and yelping with fright as Killpussy toys with her, twirling her around and around and bending over to make Laken feel as if she may fall off. Killpussy very clearly enjoys a demonstration of her Amazonian power and considerable experience with lift & carrying, as she runs through the gamut of carries with her enthralled subject Laken.


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