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KPW252 Bitch Boss Killpuss Displines Naughty Secretary London

There are few bosses as strict to be under as the naturally dominant Bitch Boss Killpussy, and London is about to find that out the hard way in this Female Wrestling/Lesbian Domination Roleplay clip. London has been a naughty little secretary, staying out late and napping with boys from the office while letting the quality of her work slip. Killpussy calls her up and demands that London cancel her plans for the evening to meet her at her studio where she’ll be training. London soon begins to see the error of her ways as she finds herself pinned beneath her dominant Bitch Boss on the mats. Killpussy proceeds to use her helpless secretary as her workout dummy for the evening, facesitting and smothering her before locking her into punishing scissorholds. The action gets increasingly heated as Killpussy finds a new permanent position for London..beneath her, as her sub girl.

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