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KPW247 Amazonian Boston Camel Clutch

C4S Long It’s the battle of the Amazons once again as Strong Girl Madame Vanquish returns to take on the powerhouse that is Killpussy in this Female Pro Wrestling/Camel Clutch match. These two exceptionally strong women hold nothing back as they lay into each other with full back breaking strength, trading camel clutches and Scissorholds. The demonstration of these power moves is truly a sight to behold as Killpussy sits on Madame Vanquish’s back and bends her backwards so far you’d thing she might snap! Killpussy wouldn’t be Killpussy if she didn’t bring her own unique sense of playful energy and humour to the match, and she has her fun by making Madame Vanquish pig nosed for the camera while she keeps her in a hold, mocking her opponent as only she can. Madame Vanquish makes a valiant effort in getting her own back, but will she be able to fight, camel clutch and scissorhold her way back on top or will Killpussy dominate her the entire match?


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