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KPW246 Little London gets Punished by Amazon Killpussy Pt 2

C4S Long Carrying on from Clip number KPW244, the little wrestler London’s punishment at the hands of the Amazonian Goddess Killpussy continues in this Female Wrestling Match with a focus on Lift and Carry and Roll Up Pins. Blonde Bombshell Killpussy continues to toy with her tiny flailing victim as London struggles to break free from Killpussy’s clutch. The tiny wrestler is picked up, spun and flung onto Killpussy’s strong shoulders as she poses for the camera, before she slams her down to the matts and folds her legs over in a Roll Up Pin and sits on her. The little London struggles helplessly as Killpussy relaxes on top of her, folded right in half and squashed beneath the Amazonian wrestler's weight. Killpussy then picks London up only to do the same to her all over again, tossing her around the ring with a strength that is largely unparalleled in the world of female wrestling. It’s hard to imagine what would possess the tiny but spirited London to take on the much mightier Killpussy but she puts up a valiant effort to fight back as she is lifted, toyed with, and slammed to the mats again and again by her merciless Amazonian opponent.


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