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KPW244 Little London gets Punished by Amazon Killpussy Pt 1

C4S Long Not having learnt her lesson from her previous beatdowns from the bigger, stronger and better Killpussy, London returns once again to receive a punishment that will make you wince. The little girl with big guts bounces into the ring with an overly optimistic energy to face off her much, much larger opponent and starts mouthing off with words she will soon regret. Killpussy is quick to teach Little London the error of her ways as she delivers a sharp punch to London’s ribs before lifting her high up into the air. The weight of this tiny girl is negligible for the strong Killpussy as she twirls her around, holding her with one arm while spanking her with the other, before slamming her down onto the mats and engaging her in an unforgiving leg scissorhold. London’s road to enlightenment has just begun as Killpussy unleashes a punishment on her that neither she, nor you will soon forget. She lifts and slams her little opponent around, throwing her weightlessly around the ring, hanging her upside down while delivering a spanking to encourage better blood flow to her head. She bends little London over her knee and claws at her pussy - reminding her why she is called Killpussy as she slaps, punches and bites her where it hurts. She folds the girl right into half and pins her from various positions, while spanking her with her mighty hands. London’s tiny arse glows red by the end of this clip and her lesson is only half done, in this punishing first part of a two part match.


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