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KPW242 KP POV Kick Punch Beatdown

C4S Long Unwitting fool that you are, you find yourself having wandered onto the mats facing the powerhouse that is Killpussy in this furiously charged POV Boxing/Kicking/Beatdown clip. Killpussy strolls over to you, amused at your predicament, unaware of the punishment about to befall you as she mocks your tiny muscles while showing off her immaculately toned physique. She soon lays into you with a roundhouse kick to the face that knocks some immediate sense into you but is is too little too late, as she delivered blow after blow before you can even fully register the (soon to be vertical) position you are in. She shows off her fighting technique, skillfully delivering punches with the speed and skill of a seasoned boxer, balanced out by swift booted kicks to your face. You fall down to the mats but the punishment continues as the powerful Killpussy stands tall over you, delivering blow after blow until she smashes you right into the mats.


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