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KPW241 Power Amazon Lift and Carry Match with Madame Vanquish Part 2

C4S Long Killpussy in black shiny halter top, PVC corset, wet look leggings and black wrestling boots, has a new challenge, Madame Vanquish. In the rings opposite corner is Madame Vanquish, black fishnet top and pantyhose with black bra top and black wrestling shorts, finished with also, black wrestling boots. The backwards and forwards banter trying to psych each other out is soon replaced with Killpussy and Madame Vanquish being toe to toe, attempting to outpower the other to the floor. Initially Killpussy powers Madame Vanquish down, bending the powerful Madame Vanquish over Killpussys knee. This doesn’t last long as the tables soon turn and Killpussy is now straining against Madame Vanquish. From being on top, Killpussy is now underneath Madame Vanquish, pushed into the ring floor! But wait, Killpussy rises up and bearhugs and lifts Madame Vanquish up. Only to release and then be bearhugged and lifted by Madame Vanquish. Then a test of strength as Killpussy fireman's lifts Madame Vanquish and proceeds to do a squat and spin in helicopter style the obviously dizzy Madame Vanquish. Soon though the tables are turned as Killpussy is posted and Madame Vanquish has some very harsh slaps to return Killpussys posting of Madame Vanquish. This is only part one of a grudge match between two powerful Amazons.


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