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KPW238 Shiny Spandex Catsuit Ass Appreciation

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

C4S Long Killpussy is on all fours on the mats. Killpussy alone in black shiny tight fitting spandex catsuit, describing every sensational curve in spandex detail. Killpussy has the spandex covered bottom in the frame, front and centre. You want to worship Killpussy through the screen, as Killpussys perfect orbs, wriggle left and right in front of you. Seductive, round buttocks, powerful thighs, move in the clinging black spandex catsuit, twerking. Killpussy moves to lay full screen on the left side, the spandex, black catsuit tightens. Leg raising up, Killpussy knows where your eyes are going. Feminine curves outlined in black, spandex catsuit hides nothing. Every crook and nanny, every serpentine line, tempting, irresistible, Killpussy is exoticly enticing you. To ensure balance, Killpussy now turns on the right side, raising legs that go on forever, taught blackness of the catsuit, the spandex material enhancing the power in Killpussys body. Sensually moving, Killpussy has turned so the screen is filled with ass. Killpussys catsuit covered black spandex ass, a picture of gluteus maximus beauty. Sinuous movement hypnotizes you, falling into the dream-like state of worship. Zoom in to have a closer look, view the catsuit, spandex, black objects of female power. Leave your worries behind when Killpussys behind is all you see. Closer and closer towards you. Mesmerized by Killpussys hypnotic gyrations of ass. Can you stay until the end? Will you rewind again and again, worshipping Killpussy in black spandex catsuit?


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