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KPW234 Ms F Rank finds out why they call me killpussy (2)

C4S Long Killpussy has an amazing tiger print leotard against Ms F Rank in black and white striped leotard. This is a grudge match as well so this is going to be a bashing session. Posted almost immediately Ms F Rank is upside down on the post. It’s then when Killpussy demonstrates why they call her, Killpussy! Then as Killpussy lifts Ms F Rank into a shoulder lift and a helicopter. Spinning Ms F Rank about like a toy. Killpussy then keeps on the assault on Ms F Ranks body still showing the Killpussy name. Thrown about Ms F Rank is lifted shoulder high and spun about making Ms F Rank as dizzy as can be. Above all the insults go back and forth from Killpussy and Ms F Rank. But Killpussy isn’t finished with Ms F Rank as the corner is used as a post to turn Ms F Rank upside down. Do you want to see how Killpussy shows her strength and skill.


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