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KPW232 Laken gets Box Pin madness

C4S Long Killpussy in orange with white trim thong leotard, pantyhose and blue wrestling boots, bounces into the ring awaiting the arrival of the opponent, Laken. As Laken, wearing a white thong leotard, pantyhose and black wrestling boots, jumps into the ring. Killpussy is not backward in being forward in the banter stakes. Laken, of course, gives as good as Killpussy can give. The face off between Killpussy and Laken starts with a test of strength. Often the ring see’s one sided bouts, but this is now on another level. Killpussy soon has Laken on the floor of the ring. Laken is being pinned from every angle. Count the types and numbers of pins Laken is placed in by the dominant Killpussy. Those barely leotards Killpussy and Laken are wearing, struggle to stay on. Killpussy uses schoolgirl pins , box pins to subjugate Laken. See the sexy butt of Killpussy facesitting Laken.


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