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KPW230Ms F Rank Boston Crab Bash

C4S Long Red versus Blue. In red Ms F Rank, red bikini shiny top and red shorts. In the shiny blue bikini top and blue shorts, Killpussy. The contrast between the wiry lithe Ms F Rank and the Amazonian power house of Killpussy is startling. As Ms F Rank puts all her strength into overpowering Killpussy, it has no effect. Killpussy twists Ms F Rank onto the floor of the ring, and grabbing each of Ms F Ranks ankles, proceeds to place Ms F Rank in the first of many Boston Crabs, the back of Ms F Rank arched under Killpussy, the pleasure on Killpussys face so opposite to the pained expression of Ms F Rank. Killpussy releases the hold and Ms F Rank collapses onto the floor. A bad position to be in with Killpussy in full power mode. Across Killpussys thigh goes Ms F Rank in a back breaker. Killpussy soon has the now broken Ms F Rank in a full Nelson, those Killpussy feet so close to Ms F Ranks face, well you can guess what that means. Pulled by her arms, hair, scissored, twisted and squashed by Killpussy, the torment seems too much for Ms F Rank. More Boston Crab pressure on Ms F Rank. How much can this poor Ms F Rank take. Only Killpussy will determine that amount, and it’s going to be more than Ms F Rank could possibly take.


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