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KPW229 London finds out why they call me Killpussy

C4S Long Killpussy in skeleton leotard and pantyhose is going to give the blue leotard and pantyhose wearing London a lesson in wrestling, a Killpussy lesson. Firstly Killpussy has London over her shoulders in a fireman’s lift, spinning around to disorient London. That works on London. Throwing London like a leotard wearing, rag doll, Killpussy squeezes London in a powerful bear hug. Struggling, London is unable to break free from those immense biceps of Killpussy. Grabbing London and turning her upside down, Killpussy drapes London over the corner post and savages the blue crotch of London’s leotard. As London collapses on the floor of the ring, Killpussy is unable to pass the chance of a drop splash. London has no answer to this Killpussy onslaught. The number of unorthodox moves and pins Killpussy has on London, sent London reeling. This is a must for lovers of female wrestling, however, one sided it appears.


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