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KPW225 Laken gets Old School Annihilation

C4S Long Killpussy is in the ring. The black wrestling thong leotard, shiny pantyhose and patent leather wrestling boots enhancing the powerful muscle beauty of Killpussy. Opposite in the other corner is Laken. Her pink wrestling thong leotard, shiny pantyhose and blue short wrestling boots contrast starkly against the black of Killpussy. As the bout begins Killpussy is straight in there with Laken soon struggling in a full nelson. This isn’t going to be easy for Laken. Using that formidable strength, Killpussy grabs Laken by the legs and turns her about to set up one of many Boston Crab moves in this match. Bending the legs and back of Laken, Killpussy soon has a tap out. Deflated, Laken is picked up off the floor by Killpussy and then posted across the ring. After slamming Laken into the corner, Killpussy has a few knees to the chest for Laken. Killpussy has some lessons in leg spreading and pins to teach Laken today. Not content with that and Lakens refusal to give in, Killpussy employs the Boston Crab to force the matter to a submission. Laken though holds out against the onslaught that is Killpussy.Leg spreaders, full nelsons and a text book of chokes and pins break Laken down further. Finally after an evil Boston Crab, stretching Laken nearly to breaking point there is her submission to Killpussy. The victory stance leaves Killpussy over Laken.


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