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KPW223 Gi Wrestling Foot Domination

C4S Long Killpussy stands full square across from her opponent. In white Gi Killpussy appears as the awesome fighter she is. Her opponent in blue Gi is trying to be strong but by his stance you can tell he is nervous. Killpussy takes the first move grasping the opponent and throwing him blue Gi and all down onto the mats. Killpussy then has him in an arm lock her foot right on his throat. Stretching and pulling the opponent into an uncomfortable position but that is not enough. Killpussy has the opponent on his back with Killpussy sitting on his chest. Killpussy has those magnificent feet thrust into his face. He is ordered to worship those feet with lips, tongue and mouth. To ensure compliance Killpussy places a foot choke about his neck. Those feet are as deadly as the rest of Killpussy. Speaking of deadly, Killpussy, not happy with the level of commitment from the opponent, crushes his body in a scissors move. The worship of Killpussys feet now becomes the opponents only response to Killpussy's moves. The white Gi of Killpussy exposing the pink underwear from all the exertions of the match. Towering above the prone figure of her opponent, Killpussy forces her feet into his face. Killpussy wants each toe, each instep and each heel, kissed, licked and worshiped by the opponent. Not worrying about any dirt those feet have picked up, Killpussy wants them cleaned as the opponents tongue licks the insteps Powerful Victory over the subdued opponent. Magnificent in that white Gi, Killpussy stands over him, her foot covering his mouth, in a victory salute.


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