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KPW222 Luna vs Killpussy

C4S Long Killpussy in leopard print bikini top and leopard print high waist bikini bottoms faces Luna in her black leotard. Two Amazons in a power match of female wrestling. Within moments both Killpussy and Luna are tussling on the mats, trying to find each others weakness. Luna presses Killpussy into the mats. Killpussy responds by using those powerful thighs to squeeze Luna into letting the hold release. Killpussy then jumps Luna and places Luna in the favourite choke hold. Luna is by sheer power able to turn this around and begins to put Killpussy in a vicious choke hold. Killpussy then switches it around by having Luna in a leg spreader using Killpussy's powerful legs to overcome any resistance by Luna. Killpussy gets on top as Luna is in a schoolgirl pin. Killpussy all over smothering Luna’s face. This match is not over though. Luna is enraged and punches and kicks Killpussy. This violence shocks but makes Killpussy double down on the holds and pins. Killpussy quickly has Luna gasping for air in a very strong across arm choke hold. So much so that Luna has to submit. Covered in perspiration Killpussy and Luna glisten as they continue to fight. Killpussy loves having Luna in a figure four leg choke. Those twenty seven inch muscular thighs of Killpussy are not to be messed with, as Luna is finding out. Poor Luna soon has to breathe whilst Killpussy's leopard print bottom covers her face in a reverse schoolgirl pin.Exhausted from her beating Luna submits as Killpussy is victorious and poses as such.


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