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KPW221 POV Foot Worship Gagging Domination

C4S Long Killpussy in shiny is tight black shiny bikini top and really tight wet look black leggings is showing you her biceps. Killpussy works hard in the gym so they’re defined, muscular and much bigger than yours. So kiss their obvious strength, go on kiss both right and left bicep. A prelude to worshiping other parts of Killpussy's magnificent physic. Killpussy notes your eye looking downwards. Are you wanting to worship Killpussy's feet?

Without wondering, Killpussy has you with your face between those feet. Being smothered by the powerful legs and your desire to have Killpussy's feet in your face. Killpussy forces those pedicured toes into your mouth. Killpussy's insteps are next to be squashed into your reddened face. Killpussy is relentless in the destruction of that mouth of yours with the gorgeous feet that you desire. Killpussy now scissors you to ensure your complete foot devotion. Killpussy now has you in a position to swallow each foot. Yes swallow, Killpussy doesn’t care if you gag. In fact the more you try to fight the deeper Killpussy will push her foot into your mouth. That now gaping mouth. Killpussy wants a total foot slave. Worshiping each foot with equal devotion. Killpussy has allowed you to breath but you must lick that filthy instep clean. Come on Killpussy isn’t about to just let you go. Lick, swallow and gag for Killpussy. Not good enough, Killpussy's foot slaps across your face in a massive kick. Prepare to open wide that mouth, ready for each foot or even both to gag you. This is your life now as Killpussy's subservient foot slave. No going back to standing, on the floor worshiping each foot as though it was the best thing in the world ever. Killpussy deserves that devotion.


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