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KPW219 PoV Smelly Running Shoes

C4S Long Killpussy returns from a 10km run all hot and sweaty. Even though Killpussy is only wearing a black backless halter top, some tiny red with black trim running shorts and black ankle socks with some black grey and yellow running shoes.Killpussy needs to have a post run stretch. Those powerful legs need a long stretch right in your view. Killpussys bottom barely covered by the red shorts. Sitting down on the comfortable black leather sofa facing you Killpussy knows you’re feasting your eyes on the trainers. Killpussy raises her left leg to place the stinky shoe right in your face. It covers the entire view. Would you lick that sole clean? No matter where it had been? Slowly Killpussy removes the persparation soaked shoes. Turning the shoes so you can smell all that fragrant aroma. The scent of Killpussy in the shoe. Breathe deeply as you absorb the essence of power. Killpussy would love you to desire that so much you could buy those trainers, would you, make an offer. Killpussy now places a sock covered pair of feet close to your face. They too are hot, sweaty and stinky. Oh are you in ecstasy at the thought of being a little foot fetish worshipper of Killpussy.

Removing the filthy sweat drenched socks, reveals the sexy pedicured feet and toes of Killpussy. The ambrosia of foot worship, the bright red toenails are there to be kissed. The space between each of Killpussys toes to be cleaned. But follow your instructions. Killpussy needs you to also worship, kiss and be gentle all the way up the instep. Follow the curve up from the toes to the heels. Each part needs your full attention. Oh yes this is going to be a great start to constant foot worship isn’t it.


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