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KPW218 Scorpion vs Killpussy Animal antiquies

C4S Long On the mats Killpussy in tan and black leopard print wrestling leotard with sheer nude panty hose see’s Scorpion in a blue, red and black leopard print wrestling leotard with black pantyhose. Scorpion is first to be on top of Killpussy. Scorpions hands covering Killpussys mouth and nose stifling Killpussys breathing. But this doesn’t last very long as Killpussy turns the tables in a swift twist and soon has Scorpion on her back and Killpussy has her hands over Scorpion's mouth and nose, it is now Scorpion fighting for air. Writhing on the mats the match goes from Killpussy to Scorpion. Each wrestler is able to have a small advantage only to have the tables turn on them.Killpussys strength countering Scorpions lithe moves. However, Scorpion persists and has Killpussy in a choke hold, arms across Killpussys neck and locked so Scorpion can keep Killpussy gasping to breathe now. The match is close as both find each other challenging. The moans are they of exertion or pleasure? Killpussy has Scorpion, then Scorpion has Killpussy. Neither at the moment able to make the decisive pin or hold. Suddenly Killpussy is able to have Scorpion in a foot choke with powerful legs pressing Scorpion's neck. The hold is broken and now Killpussy is wide eyed as Scorpion squeezes without mercy on Killpussys throat. This match is so evenly balanced but one must be victorious. Are you on Scorpions side or Killpussys. Watch until the end to discover the victor in this epic sensual bout.


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