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KPW217 PoV Golden Facesit

C4S Long Killpussy in shiny tight shiny golden thong leotard barely covering that muscular body. Pantyhose cover the legs all twenty seven inch round thighs. And where are you, on the floor looking longingly up at Killpussy. Well Killpussy has decided the best place for you is with your face squashed into that gold thong of the leotard and surrounded by pantyhose covered buttocks. So the view of the world now is just that as Killpussy has you smell that sweet aroma. But Killpussy wants more and aggressively does squats on your face. Beating you into the cleft of that sexy ass. Killpussy knows you are enjoying this far too much. Killpussy turns to face you down there.Killpussy has a wry smile noticing how red your face is now. Well hang on as it has not even started to do a real facesitting yet. Killpussy berates your inadequacies, again nearly falling out of that shiny gold thong leotard. Now Killpussy will squash you under her. Learn to breath in quick gasps as Killpussys entire weight is on your face. Killpussy pushes down so hard that you have become the face seat Killpussy will sit on all day. You want that don’t you, Killpussy knows, Killpussy would enjoy you being that seat.


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