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KPW216 oil wrestling with Inferno pt 2

C4S Long Killpussy has those powerful thighs around Infernos neck as part 2 begins. Reversing herself Killpussy then facesits Inferno who, being quite flexible, then tries to get her legs over Killpussys head to pull Killpussy off. All to no avail as Killpussy quickly has Inferno back in a painful scissors. Killpussy then enjoys the moment whilst chastising Inferno, when another even more smothering face-sitting move is made. Killpussy has Inferno now squeezed between those sexy oil glistened buttocks, forced into the crease of the bikini bottom. Killpussy and Inferno slither and slide across each other, with Killpussy always on top. Always underneath Inferno desperate to twist Killpussy into a pin. Killpussys shiny muscular body is just too powerful and has Inferno in a schoolgirl pin, easily controlling Inferno and verbally abusing the struggling to breath Inferno. Time for some tickling Killpussy thinks. Inferno is mercilessly tickled, her cries for it to stop ignored. Pinned one final time, Inferno gives into Killpussy, submitting as the Amazon that is Killpussy towers over her in a reverse schoolgirl pin.


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