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KPW215 Smelly Trainers


C4S Long Killpussy enters the room after a long run. That white vest top the black with white pirate logo shorts are sweaty. As Killpussy does those vital post run stretches she watches your eyes as they look down her legs to those red trainers and cute white socks. So you like feet, my feet, my smelly, sweaty, filth covered trainers excite you do they? Seated on the floor Killpussy makes certain you have a proper view of the muck encrusted soles of the trainers. The red soles you want to lick clean don’t you, regardless of what was run through. Here Killpussy offers you the chance of a foot worship audition. Nod your head if that excites you. Good get that tongue out then. Killpussy needs those awful smelling red trainers cleaned. Oh but what about Killpussys perspiration soaked cute socks. Taking off the trainers these are now in your face and nostrils.Smell that aroma, the workout running sweat. Are you ready to progress to the naked pedicure

d toes, ten digits to wrap that greedy mouth around. This clip will have you wanting to foot fetish on every runner you see but Killpussys trainers, socks and bare feet are the ones you desire most.


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