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KPW214 Oil WrestlingInferno v Killpussy Part 1


C4S Long. Killpussy in a green multi-striped bikini is generously covering Inferno in a slippery layer of baby oil. Inferno in multi-coloured striped bikini. Killpussy is enjoying oiling up Inferno far too much. As Killpussy covers hr hands in slippery baby oil then caresses Infernos legs this really begins to be a very erotic prelude to any wrestling. Inferno then proceeds to cover Killpussy in baby oil. The light picks out the contours of Killpussys muscular oiled body. Killpussy poses now with a victory stance. Let the match begin. Slippery holds are making any pin easily squeezed out from. Two slippery oil covered bikinis wearing female wrestlers writhing in a pool. Who would you want on top? Inferno manages a scissor move only to have Killpussy slip out and return the scissor. Inferno ending up in Killpussys schoolgirl pin berating Killpussy for being a muscular wrestler. Killpussy appears victorious for now but wait part two is going to be released.


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