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KPW212 Lakengets Pro-Style Boston Crab Camel Clutch Bash from Killpussy

C4S Long Killpussy is in the ring with Laken. Wearing all black Killpussy is a powerful sight. Killpussy in semi sheer black halter neck shiny leotard with black patent wrestling boots against Laken in a fire orange with cream trimmed wrestling leotard and chunky black wrestling boots. Quick as a flash, Killpussy strikes at Laken putting poor Laken in a reverse scissors before flipping into the first of many Boston Crab holds. Killpussy takes no truck of Lakens protestations until Laken has to tap out. There is no end to Killpussys demonstration as this has become. Grabbing Lakens flowing locks Killpussy gives Laken a vicious face posting, sending Laken reeling. Stunned Laken is an easy target for Killpussy to place into a reverse schoolgirl pin. Killpussy squashing Lakens face between her buttocks. Not content though Killpussy releases Laken only to drag Laken bodily from the safety of the ropes into another Boston Crab. Even as Laken concedes Killpussy grabs her bodily and throws her into the ropes. Of course Laken bounces back from the ropes at speed straight into Killpussys clothes line. Soon Laken is at the mercy of Killpussy as yet another Boston Crab turns into a full Nelson. With Laken now forced to kiss the patent leather shiny wrestling boots of Killpussy. Then a single leg crab to ensure Killpussy exerts maximum pain on Laken.Twisted like a pretzel Laken has no comeback from Killpussys never ending onslaught.


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