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KPW211 Ring Match Tag Team Spandex Mayhem

C4S Long Killpussy enters the ring in shiny black thong one piece body and fishnet tights. The shiny black wrestling boots ready to pummel someone's body. With Killpussy today is Porras as a tag team partner. Then the opposition Scorpion in black leotard and HoneyC in a white wrestling leotard with pink trim. Both with white wrestling boots. This match is going to be tough and rough so watch out. No love lost between even team members either. Porras and HineyC begin and Porras is already in trouble asHoneyC squeezes the life out of Porras. That is until he manages to tag Killpussy. HonyC then takes a full force set of choke holds and elbows. Not to be defeated HoneyC fights back cornering Killpussy and quickly is able to tag Scorpion. Killpussy endures some elbows to the body before being able to tag Porras but Scorpion becomes victorious as Porras is pinned into submission. Soon Killpussy is about to helicopter Scorpion but that tag saves her as HoneyC And Killpussy manages to tag Porras. Wait until the end to see the surprise turn around in the ring. Both mixed and all female wrestling on the same bout.


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