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KPW210 Pro match with Justice part 1

C4S Long Killpusy in dark blue wrestling leotard and pantyhose with Justice in a pink with black trim wrestling leotard. Killpussy has such speed that Justice doesn’t even know what pounced on her. Killpussy pins Justice immediately. Justice is then held in a crab but Killpussy relents only briefly as Justice is pinned, squeezed and stretched out of shape.Killpussy makes Justice submit but the verbal abuse from Killpussy enrages Justice. This has no effect on the outcome though as Killpussy has Justice in a Full nelson and then a scissoring back breaker. Justice again has to tap out. This is a display of Killpussys immense strength and skills as a wrestler and fighter. These moves teach Justice just how far she can be bent, squeezed and twisted in this first part of a two part match.


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