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KPW209 Shinny facesit scissor domination

C4S Long Killpussy in shiny tight electric blue thong leotard and sheer pantyhosehas a new opponent/victim.Killpussy soon has him squashed under her sexy bottom in a reverse schoolgirl pin. After a few seconds bored with this position Killpussy changes the position so that he is in a head scissors crushing his face all crumpled and red in front of Killpussy. Broken defeated and totally powerless against Killpussy the opponent has his face now between Killpussys buttock pressed hard into the arse crack, occasionally allowed a quick respite to catch a breath. Then twisted over on his side Killpussy administers another spine breaking scissors. Then moves to scissor his head, Killpussy amused by just how red his face becomes as the pressure is exerted. There is no escape. There is nothing to do other than submit to your fate when Killpussy uses those 27 inch thighs.


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