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KPW168 Super Killpussy Takes Down Masked Avenger

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The Masked Avenger has made the mistake of challenging Killpussy not in the ring but instead in her lair.

The statuesque Thunder from Down Under, resplendent in her lycra Super Girl swimsuit, shiny pantyhose and blue pro wrestling boots is none too impressed and boy is she going to make him pay.

The Masked Avenger loses a test of strength battle very quickly and is taken down to the mats and spread wide in a vicious grapevine and breast smothered.

Things do not get much better for him from there as he is camel clutched and cruelly Killpussy places her fingers in the corners of his mouth and fishhooks him adding extra torque.

More grapevines, breast smothers and camel clutches follow until the Masked Avenger can take no more.

He will learn not to take on Super Killpussy!


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