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KPW0167 Scissor Forever in Killpussys legs

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Porras challenges Killpussy once more. The Thunder from Down Under is bored of beating this masked loser up it’s too easy. So she decides that she is only going to use her powerful legs to defeat him.

Alas poor Porras, you are heading for a scissorhold annihilation, anyone who has been trapped between Killpussy’s legs knows that once she wraps those thighs around that there is no escape.

All that awaits you is a long and painful suffering as she squeezes the life out of you, whether it’s making your head pop like a balloon, constricting round you neck like a python or crushing your ribs so badly it feels that they might break.

Killpussy takes great delight in Porras’s torment and suffering as she tests his resilience in a variety of scissorholds torturing various parts of his body.

There is no let-up and no escape from the (literally) crushing defeat delivered to Porras once again by the mighty Killpussy.


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